Sept 23rd, 2019 - HU Cheng, “Re-Understanding the Twentieth-Century History: Territory, State and the People” (Si-mian Lectures on Humanities No. 472)


Title: Re-Understanding the Twentieth-Century History: Territory, State and the People

Lecturer: HU Cheng (Professor of History at Nanjing University)

Chairperson: WANG Yan (Lecturer, Department of History, East China Normal University)

Date: 2 pm, September 23rd, 2019 (Monday)

Venue: Room 5303, Building of School of Humanities, Minhang Campus, ECNU

Sponsor: Si-mian Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities, ECNU


Abstract of the Lecture:

The Twentieth Century was the most turbulent period in human history. Hobsbawm says that it was “the age of extremes”; Berlin regards it as the “worst century there has ever been”; Jaspers claims that it was “progress” as well as “doom”. We have to reflect on what happened in that century. Although time has passed, history lingers.


Brief Introduction of the Lecturer:

HU Cheng was born in 1954. He is Full Professor of History at Nanjing University. His publications include: The Duty of the Scholar: Traditional Scholars, Modern Transformation and the Academic Institution; Medicine, Hygiene and China in the World (1820-1937): A Transnational and Transcultural History Study; Modern Transformation and Historiographical Reflection, etc.