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Si-mian Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities

Founded in 2008, the Si-Mian Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities is an inter disciplinary division of East China Normal University. It was named after Lv Simian, who is a famous Chinese historian of the twentieth century. Meanwhile, The Si-Mian Institute has inherited the academic tradition of Guanghua University and Daxia University. Shi Zhecun、Wang Yuanhua and Feng Qi also have a great influence on it. Now, the Si-Mian Institute , which is based on the Department of Chinese、the Department of History、the Department of Philosophy and the Institute for Ancient Books,is aimed to promote interdisciplinary research, explore new mechanisms for academic research, and cultivate outstanding students. Finally, it will be up to the international standards and have an great international influence.

The Si-Mian Institute is under the leadership of the Council and the Dean takes charge of it. From 2013, the fellows, who are the best professors of East China Normal University, have become an important part of the Si-Mian Institute. They are responsible for the recruitment of researchers and academic accreditation. Except the fellows, young researchers and graduates constitute the large part of the Si-Mian Institute. Moreover, visiting professors、part-time professors and visiting scholars are welcomed. On the other hand, the Si-Mian Institute have established ten Research Centers and a library.

In order to create a good academic environment, many academic events are organized by the Si-Mian Institute, including the lectures on Humanities of Si-Mian, the keynote speechs of Si-Mian, the humanistic Festival of Si-Mian, overseas scholars’ programs, and lunch salons of Si-Mian . Further more, the Si-Mian Institute has a strong international profile, collaborating with many universities all over the world.

The humanistic library of Si-Mian ,serving the Institute as a professional library,has a collection of nearly 180,000 copies, nearly 800 kinds of publications, and nearly 20,000 back issues of magazines.
After the efforts for several years , we have had the confidence to make the Si-Mian Institute one of the top bases for academic researching and talents-cultivating both at home and abroad.