Sept 20th, 2019 - Stuart Foster, “Portrayals of China in English History Textbooks” (Si-mian Lectures on Humanities No. 470)


Title: Portrayals of China in English History Textbooks

Lecturer: Stuart Foster (Professor at University College London)

Chairperson:YANG Biao (Professor, Department of History, East China Normal University)

Date: 1:30 pm, September20th, 2019 (Friday)

Venue: Room 5303, Building of School of Humanities, Minhang Campus, ECNU

Sponsor: Si-mian Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities, ECNU


Abstract of the Lecture:

The lecture will give an overview on the developments and the differentiation of Portrayals of China in English History Textbooks, analyzing English history textbooks, curriculum documentation, government policy and examinations.


Brief Introduction of the Lecturer:

Stuart Foster isa professor at University College London. He has authored many books including War, Nation, Memory which focuses on how the Second World War is taught in schools in different nations throughout the world. He is also series editor of the International Review of History Education.